5 Ways to Say No

I else suck at saying no, anyone else?⁣

I’ve been working on prioritizing my time and taking time to stay mentally and physically healthy. ⁣

That all sounds great, right? ⁣

Here comes the problem – when you add extra things to your day that keep you happy and healthy you have to start saying no to things that you normally might want to do because you can’t say yes to everything!⁣

So if you’re feeling overextended think about these questions:⁣

  • Are you saying “yes” when you should be saying “no”?⁣
  • What can you take off your plate to make time for things that are higher priority?⁣

Here are my 5 Favorite ways to say “NO”

  1. I’d love to get together, but unfortunately my schedule is full for the next couple of weeks.
  2. I wish I could, but I have another commitment at that time.
  3. I would love to help. But I’m not able to dedicate the time to make this a success.
  4. I wish I could! But unfortunately, now is not a great time.
  5. No (Yes, sometimes it’s just that easy)

Remember “No, thank you” is a good enough answer, but sometimes when you’re working on saying “no” being this direct is hard so here are some other ways I like to say no. ⁣