I’m Raya and I know first hand how feeling stuck can make you feel like you want to take your todo list and throw it out.

I spent the last two years reflecting the decisions I had made up to that point and making big changes when it came to the people I surrounded myself with and the things I was doing in my life, so I could become a better version of myself and help others do the same!

In early 2018 I packed my things and (basically) started my adult life over. I got divorced. And while feeling completely lost, I also realized I had so much more energy to focus on productive relationships, self-care, and following my passions. Things were going really well – I spent some time working on myself when, in true millennial fashion, a cute guy from my office DM’d me on Instagram.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering “What on earth does this have to do with your business?” well, after much less time than we planned we found out we were expecting.

I started working on my freelancing business to earn some extra income so eventually, I could work from home on my terms with my baby.

I did everything I was supposed to and our little girl was still, unexpectedly, born without her right hand. The world stopped spinning, my heart dropped and I became the overwhelmed and lost person I left behind a year earlier.

I knew this would impact me, but I didn’t understand how fiercely until 6 months later when the baby blues hand’t gone away. I had to start taking my own advice.


  • More than praying for the weekend and trying not to cry on my way into work in the morning.
  • More than giving it my all every day to be in a contract with a microscopic raise year after year.
  • More than managing other people’s egos because a young woman who knows her stuff too well in a meeting might cause undue stress.
  • But, most importantly, I knew that if I didn’t make a change, I would continue to feel like my life, and my business was spiraling out of control.


Focus, organization, and, self-care, and the big one ASKING FOR HELP are things you can get better at and optimize so they feel like second nature, BUT they are also things that a bad day, week, or month can completely knock off track. As a recovering perfectionist and someone who suffered from post-partum depression, I know first hand that staying organized and focused is easier said than done, yet it can be done!