Work, Mom Life, & Move Update

These last few months have been a blessing wrapped in a bow of chaos. ⁣

I stopped working a stable job and started doing freelance web design for a handful of reasons, the largest being my mental health. At first it made a difference, but after a couple months I plateaued. ⁣

So when Justen got the opportunity to take a job in Atlanta I was ecstatic, and on board 1000%. We packed our stuff in boxes in a matter of 4 days, and a couple weeks later we moved into a new home.⁣

Honestly I think that I am busier now that I am working from home, I can only pick up so much before Iris gets bored, and working when Iris is up and moving is a nonstarter right now because she thinks my computer is a toy. So I’m learning that her toys can sit out, the dishes kitchen can be a mess and I can work around all of that for a few hours until Justen is up. ⁣

I still work from my couch which I know isn’t ideal for most people, but I finally have a happy place in my home where I can work and play and eat and take a nap just like I did before, but the natural light, even on an overcast day is enough to lift my spirit. ⁣