i haven’t felt like creating really for the last few months.

the strange thing about feeling like this is i haven’t been sad or particularly unwell since my creative block came on. normally when i’m in a creative rut something has felt wrong.. whether it be depression, or a string of storms, a fight with friends or family.


i just stopped feeling the desire to document what was happening around me.

i’m busy again with a job outside my house, but if you’ve known me for more than about 5 minutes you should know that’s never really been a piece of the puzzle. then i thought maybe it’s the stress of having followers who i don’t really know – but if that were the case i would have stopped posting long before now.

then it hit me..

i’ve been feeling a huge distaste for the concept of finding a niche, my brain (which spent lots of years in marketing) keeps telling me to do something with my following, to take advantage of it – to monetize my presence. but, why? i don’t care to be an influencer and when i force myself to check those boxes in my content creation i get bored so fast.

maybe the only thing i want to do is remember these moments that matter and share them with whoever decides to pay attention in that moment – and for now, that’s okay.

i’m not going to ask you to follow me, because i don’t know what i’m doing next either.