What info does my babysitter need?

We are getting ready to have our first date night without baby, and I am nervous as hell. Not because I need to find a qualified sitter – my friend is an early childhood development teacher, and already a dream with Little I – I’m just nervous because I’m a mom now and apparently its an added bonus. I decided to put together a list of EVERYTHING a sitter may need so I feel like Sarah is entirely equipt to answer any Iris related question and Justen and I can have two hours dedicated to our relationship.

Very rarely do I use paper, so my list is a note on my iPhone this way I can send that sucker to whoever may need it. Here is everything I remember needing as a babysitter and more:

  1. Justen and my full names, birth date, and cell numbers
  2. Restaurant or venue + contact info just in case we can’t be reached on our phones
    The approximate time we will be home
  3. Home address
  4. Kiddo’s name, age, and birth date
  5. Allergies and instructions for dispensing medications
  6. Non-emergency info (for when 911 isn’t necessary)
    • Fire
    • Ambulance
    • Police
    • Poison Control
  7. Emergency info (for if Justen or I don’t pick up the phone or we are out of town for an extended period of time)
  8. Local Contact (Neighbor or Friends) names, numbers, and addresses. So your sitter has someone to turn to in case of minor mishaps, such as a pet that gets loose or a power outage.
  9. Doctor and Hospital Phone Number
  10. Kiddo’s Insurance Info
  11. Mealtime info – How to work the bottle warmer, how much breastmilk to warm up per feeding, allergies, etc.
  12. Bedtime info – Bedtime routines and how to work the TV for sitter downtime once baby has gone to bed.
  13. Nearest hospital
  14. Nearest pharmacy

We know that things like a tour of the house aren’t quite practical for a written list so here is a list of things that we will talk through with our sitter before we head out for the evening: 

  1. Tour of the house – locations of essentials – bottles, baby’s room, bathrooms, etc.
  2. Entrances, exits, areas that are off-limits and a fire escape plan
  3. House rules – how to work the TV, and internet; visitor policy, discipline policies
  4. Quick how-to with the bottle warmer and sterilizer (just in case the dog puts the last clean pacifier or teether in his mouth as it falls to the floor)
  5. Mention of any tips or tricks for soothing (I like the 5 S’s)

I also have a basket in Iris’ room full of some things that may be necessary, but more often than not won’t be needed:

  1. First aid kit
    • Emergency CPR info
  2. Medical treatment consent forms
  3. Extra pacifiers, toys, and blankets
  4. Bath time items – Soap, lotion, towels

Although enjoying your time away as a parent can feel a little wrong with a bit of planning, practice, and detailed notes for your babysitter, the evening out will hopefully feel like a blessing!